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What should I pay attention to when Using Baby Towels?

Jun. 17, 2020

Some mothers asked, "Why is my baby always sick?" Actually, this may be related to the towel your child uses. Do you believe it? Be aware that babies' skin is often very delicate and very resistant to external irritation. Easily injured or infected. Towels that are in close contact with babies every day are likely to be a vector for infections. So moms must pay attention to the hygiene of towels. Now Baby Hooded Beach Towel Factory introduces a few things you should pay attention to when wiping your baby's face with a towel.

1.Dirty towels hurt your baby more than you think

Towels tend to stick to dander, dust, grease, and other dirt during use, as well as bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. And when the mother wipes the baby's face, saliva, and milk stains, it will further accelerate the reproduction of bacteria, thereby causing the baby's diarrhea, enteritis, trachoma and other diseases.

2. Pay attention to daily habits

Most parents buy special children's towels for their babies. The more commonly used is Cotton Small Terry Towel, but many "bad habits" still make towels as dirty as rags. For example, many parents hang their baby's towel in the bathroom. This is not the right way. Because the environment of the bathroom is too complicated, you need to do it in the bathroom when you wash your hands, clothes, and household items.

 Cotton Small Terry Towel

Cotton Small Terry Towel

At this time, all kinds of bacteria can easily splash on the baby's towel. In addition, bathroom towels are too easy for others to use. In particular, guests who do not know the specific situation, it is easy to accidentally use the baby's towel to wipe their hands. To make matters worse, hang a baby's towel near the toilet, because when the toilet is flushed, bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye are sprayed.

3.Towels need to be cleaned frequently

When many mothers wipe the baby's face, after using the towel, if the towel is not dirty, the towel will not be washed and aired until the towel has obvious dirt or smell, and it will not be washed. But in fact, such towels are very dirty, so it is best to clean the towels with soap or detergent every day, and disinfect the towels for the baby every day. And in order to avoid the microorganisms on the towel and the rapid growth loss of control, the towel should be washed with water before and after each use, thoroughly washed after three times, and a new towel should be replaced within three months.

4. Clean your baby's towels properly

Do not use disinfectants when cleaning baby towels because many babies like to get sick because the home is too clean. Without constant invasion of normal bacteria, your baby's resistance will be very poor. One of the most important reasons is the frequent use of disinfectants. Disinfectants can completely destroy a variety of bacteria and leave the baby in a sterile environment.

In addition, disinfectants that are not thoroughly cleaned can cause damage to the baby's delicate skin. Therefore, towels that are too clean are not necessarily a good thing. It is recommended to soak the cleaned towel in boiling water and boil for about 10 minutes. Or fold it into small pieces and heat in the microwave for 5 minutes.

In addition to towels, other items used by babies can also be cleaned as described above. If your baby is always sick, you can see if the towel used by your baby is unhygienic.

The above are the issues that Bath Cotton Baby Quilt Factory should pay attention to when using baby towels.