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Cool Down! How Should a Baby Wear a Cover at Night?

Sep. 23, 2020

As soon as the National Day comes, the country's temperature drops. The rain has been continuous these days, and I was shivering while sitting at home.Every time at this time, the mothers started panic hoarding goods, frantically buying clothes, sleeping bags and quilts for their children, for fear that buying one less would cause the children to freeze.

After cooling down, there is good news that children will sleep better, because around 20 degrees is the most suitable sleep problem. Today, the Printed Cotton Baby Quilt Supplier will talk to you about how to use the panic stocking loot and how to cool down the weather. Wear a cover for the child.

Quilt Vs sleeping bag

For little babies, be sure to wear a Baby Autumn Sleeping Bag instead of a quilt. why?

The quilt is not safe and can easily cause the baby to suffocate. The thicker the quilt, the more unsafe. A baby will go to sleep in disorder, and if he accidentally gets into the quilt, he will not be able to open the quilt by himself, which can easily lead to suffocation. Then the baby will roll around and kick the quilt when sleeping. So the quilt can't cover it at all.

Printed Cotton Baby Quilt

Printed Cotton Baby Quilt

How to ensure safety with sleeping bags

First of all, buy a sleeping bag of the right size. Don't buy a sleeping bag that is several sizes larger just for the child to wear it for two more years. Because babies can easily get into sleeping bags to cause suffocation, especially in Winter Sleeping Bag used in winter.

Secondly, pay attention to the small parts and zippers on the sleeping bag, and the quality must pass. If the quality is not good, there is a risk of being eaten by the baby.

Before we talk about this issue, let's talk about an important unit that measures the use of sleeping bags, TOG, or T for short, and the Chinese translation is called the thermal coefficient. This is a unit used by European countries to measure the warmth of clothing and bedding. Knowing this, you probably know how to choose a sleeping bag for your baby.