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How Should The Baby Stay Warm At Night?

Jul. 24, 2020

Some people say that the baby covered with Taishi is prone to "sultry syndrome", but it is not covered enough and they are afraid that the delicate baby will catch a cold. What is the warmth cover for the baby to sleep in winter? In winter, the warmth measures for the baby to sleep should be selected according to the child's age. Newborns, babies, and toddlers have different ways of keeping warm during their sleep in winter. Let’s take a look.

Newborn: thin pajamas + quilt + thin quilt/blanket. The newborn baby has the protection of close-fitting pajamas and the wrapping package already feels safe and warm. At this time, the mother puts a layer of quilt under the chest for the baby, and the baby must be very warm. According to the weather conditions, the mother can adjust the thickness of the quilt to ensure a comfortable sleep for the baby.

Baby: thin cotton pajamas + vest-style sleeping bag + thin quilt. When babies grow up, they don’t want to be restrained. In order to keep the baby’s upper body warm, mothers can buy sleeveless sleeping bags for the baby, and warm pajamas will not make the baby’s arms feel cold. Similarly, depending on the specific temperature, the mother can put a quilt on the sleeping bag for the baby.

Toddlers: thin pajamas + long-sleeved large sleeping bags or thin cotton pajamas + large quilts. Putting the baby into a big and warm sleeping bag, the mother can sleep at ease. If it is an honest baby, she can also cover it with a big quilt.

However, some babies are reluctant to cover the quilt when they sleep. Why is this?

The quilt is relatively thick or not soft, and it’s uncomfortable to cover the body, but when it’s cold, I woke up at night and was urinated. I was irritated by the cold and my skin contracted a little. If an adult put an uncomfortable quilt on him, he would have " "Knock it out" for a comfortable behavior; the high temperature in the room and the thick quilt make it uncomfortable.

The quilt is not easy to be overweight. The quilt is too heavy on the baby, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable, there will be a sense of pressure, so that the baby can not breathe, it is not suitable for the baby to move. The baby will instinctively want to kick it away, don't want it, keep it away from his body. Therefore, parents should not be too heavy when preparing quilts for their babies.

The quilt should not be too thick. Many parents are afraid of their children being cold, so they choose very thick quilts when preparing quilts for their babies. Instead, the child caught a cold and became ill due to kicking. A child with a thick quilt is prone to sweating, and the baby’s metabolism is faster than that of an adult, so it is easy to sweat. After sweating, the baby feels hot and will naturally kick off the quilt. It’s normal to get sick after sweating, kicking off the quilt and catching a cold.