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In Winter, Do You Give Your Baby a Sleeping Bag or Cover It?

Dec. 09, 2020

Winter is here, and the temperature drops. The baby can no longer sleep in a small belly as before, and must be covered with a Soft Cotton Baby Quilt. However, for mothers, they are especially worried about their babies kicking the quilt in the middle of the night. The following small methods can teach the mothers how to deal with the baby kicking the quilt wisely~

Choose the right quilt

Babies sleep in the same bed with their parents. It is not recommended that babies and parents cover the same bed. Because the adult's quilt is too thick and too heavy, it may induce danger. You should choose a seasonal quilt for your baby, such as an Autumn baby blanket in autumn.

Soft Cotton Baby Quilt

Soft Cotton Baby Quilt

Judge hot and cold

Parents should not always think that the baby will be cold as soon as the weather is cold, and they need to wear more covers, which will easily lead to muggy syndrome. It depends on whether the baby wears the cover properly. Touch the back of the baby’s neck and back. If you sweat, it means it’s hot. Wear less and don’t need a thick cover. If it is hot or cold, it means that the baby is wearing a thicker or quilt.

Using sleeping bags skillfully

If your baby has a variety of sleeping positions, you can prepare a Sleeping Bag with Detachable Sleeves. When the weather is cold, put on the sleeves; when the temperature is high, remove the sleeves, and the baby no longer has to worry about kicking the quilt. Baoma should pay attention to the material when choosing sleeping bags, preferably soft, pure cotton, and breathable.

Fixed quilt

To prevent babies from kicking the quilt and catching cold, mothers can use clips, buttons or elastic bands to fix the quilt.

There are many ways to prevent babies from kicking the quilt. Moms can use their brains to create a unique method. So even in winter, there is no need to worry about the baby catching cold from kicking the quilt at night.