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How to Choose Pillows and Quilts For Little Babies?

Oct. 14, 2020

How to choose pillows and cotton baby quilts for babies? Baby bones are not well developed, so choose pillows and quilts carefully. Today, the Portable Baby Blanket Factory will give you a detailed introduction.


The Chinese folk custom uses millet, sorghum and even mung beans to make pillows for small babies. These pillows are very hard in order to keep the baby's head flat. However, this does not actually meet the hygiene requirements. The baby’s skull has large plasticity and a very hard pillow can simply change his head shape, making the baby’s head sleep too flat, or because the baby likes to adopt a certain sleeping position, the skull grows asymmetrically, that is, the head is sleeping Representation. A too hard pillow will also affect the baby's sleeping quality. Sleeping on a hard pillow for a long time will cause a ring of baldness on the back of the baby's head due to friction. This occipital baldness is not necessarily due to the baby's calcium deficiency.

Cotton Baby Quilt

Cotton Baby Quilt

Generally speaking, the width of the baby's small pillow should be the same as the head length, and the length of the pillow should be the same as his shoulder width. The height of the small pillow only needs to be 3-4 cm. If the baby’s pillow is too large or too soft, simply make the baby suffocate by burying his head in the prone position. Because babies sweat a lot, the materials for making pillows should be sweat-absorbing and ventilating to avoid prickly heat or growth of small boils. If the baby's pillow is not well ventilated, the temperature of the head will be too high, making it difficult for the baby to sleep or feel irritable. Therefore, the outside of the baby's pillow should be made of pure cotton soft cloth, and the inside can be filled with buckwheat husk, tea, chrysanthemum, reed, kapok, etc. Kapok is said to have the function of avoiding baby enuresis.


The inner and surface of the quilt should be made of soft, ventilating, and sweat-absorbing materials, such as light-colored cotton soft cloth or Soft Cotton Baby Quilt, lined with new cotton. The quilt needs to be specially made according to the baby's length. It is too long and too big and not only covers it heavy, but also drags and hangs it inconveniently when the mother lifts it. Especially after the baby will turn over and die, the quilt is too long, and simply wrap the baby to suffocate him. Therefore, the baby quilt should be properly lengthened and widened after a period of time. The quilt does not need to be too thick. Too thick may make the baby catch cold when changing diapers. You can make one or two beds with a thinner cover, and then make a thicker bed to replace the baby.

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