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How Much Do Baby Clothes Know?

Jun. 24, 2020

I learned from the Bath Cotton Baby Quilt Factory that Bath Cotton Baby Quilt is clothes or tops. The fabric is similar to the feel of cotton wool, but it does not pierce the skin. It can be worn on the skin. The surface of the fabric has a short layer of hair. It will not look like wool. It's very piercing, and it's not uncomfortable. Compared with other elastic fabrics, the wool puller is warmer because it contains some wool.

The Autumn Baby Blanket fabric is a silk fabric (bright silk) in the process of weaving, and the woven fabric has a shiny and sparkling effect.

Twill is the structural form of the diagonal line where the intersection of warp and weft lines presents a certain angle on the fabric surface. Its organizational structure is characterized by many interweaving points, firm texture, smooth surface, the same appearance effect on the front and back sides, good wear resistance and good breathability. Brushing is a processing procedure of pure cotton woven fabrics, which requires relatively high requirements, plus fine cotton material, so it can be judged to be a high-end fabric.

Cotton does not fall down generally refers to the fabric used in clothing. Pure cotton fabrics are textiles made of cotton as raw materials and interweaving horizontally and vertically by warp and weft yarns through a loom. There are many varieties of pure cotton fabrics and different colors. According to the dyeing method, it can be divided into primary color cotton cloth, dyed cotton cloth, printed cotton cloth, and yarn-dyed cotton cloth; it can also be divided into plain weave, twill, and forged cloth according to the fabric structure. "No velvet" is a type of warp knitted elastic velvet. This kind of pile fabric is similar to standing pile fabric. The fabric has excellent gloss, elasticity and soft hand feel. It is a superior fabric for making high fashion, tight clothing and decorative items. On an ordinary high-speed warp knitting machine without a terry comb, the front comb is used for a long needle backing yarn movement to produce a long extension line on the fabric surface, and the elastic recovery force of the spandex raw material is used to form a terry on the surface When cutting, cut the long extension line to form the velvet surface. The warp-knitted velvet fabric produced in this way is also called "non-down pile".

Corduroy is a cotton fabric with cut weft raised and longitudinal velvet strips formed on the surface. Because the velvet strip is like a cord of cord, it is called corduroy. The corduroy has a thick texture and good warmth. It is suitable for making autumn and winter outerwear, shoes and hats and other decorative items. The fabric is woven with double weft, and then cut and piled, and the fabric surface is wick-like velvet, also known as velvet.

Hooded Blanket

Hooded Blanket

Sweater cloth is a kind of knitted cloth. This kind of knitted cloth is mostly made of displacement pad yarn, so it is called displacement cloth or sweater cloth.

The structure of velvet is weft knitting, generally divided into ground yarn and pile yarn. The raw materials are interwoven with different raw materials such as cotton, eye, viscose, polyester and nylon. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving. The velvet used for clothing generally uses cotton yarn as the terry yarn. The velvet is plump, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and elegant.

Plain velvet, also known as mercerized velveteen, is a pure cotton fabric woven with raised tissue. It is characterized by the use of combed double strands in the warp direction and single yarn in the weft direction. According to the processing method, it can be divided into warp velvet and weft velvet, the former is called warp velveteen, and the latter is called weft velveteen. After weaving the fabric, it is subjected to alkali rolling and velvet cutting, and then a series of processing of dyeing or printing is carried out, and finally a finished product is formed. The velveteen fabric has the characteristics of full and smooth pile hair, thick texture, soft gloss, soft hand, good thermal insulation, wear resistance and wear resistance, and not easy to wrinkle.

Double-sided cloth is a kind of knitted cloth, not a composite cloth. The obvious difference is the single-sided cloth. The bottom and sides of the single-sided cloth obviously look different, but the bottom and sides of the double-sided cloth look like The same, so it's called. Single-sided and double-sided are just different weaves to make their effect so, they are not compound.

Knitted denim is a type of Oxford cloth, but it is made of knitted denim that has better elasticity than woven. Knitted denim is knitted by weft-knitting, and it is dyed in bundles of indigo and blue. Black, vulcanized black and other knitted package yarns are produced on a large circular machine with a special process to produce garment fabrics with washing and fading effects.

It is a thicker and denser woollen fabric. Due to its novel style, the woolen fabric is soft and straight, yet simple yet fashionable, and elegant in roughness, so it is very popular in the autumn and winter markets.