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What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Quilt for Your Baby

Nov. 11, 2020

After a newborn is born, a good quilt is especially important because most of the time is spent in sleep. So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a quilt for a newborn baby? Printed Cotton Baby Quilt Supplier will tell you below.

First of all, one or two sets of quilts should be prepared separately for newborns. The quilt is best to choose Warm Cotton Baby Quilt. The color is a bit lighter. The cotton tyres inside must be new cotton, otherwise the old cotton is neither warm nor hygienic. The quilt should not be too thick, a weight of about a catty is enough. If possible, you can also prepare 2 small blankets in case the weather changes.

In addition to the quilt, the mattress for the baby is actually more important. The mattress on the crib should not be too soft, otherwise it will affect the normal development of the baby's spine, because the bones of the newborn are relatively soft, and the mattress is too soft, it can easily cause the baby's spine to bend and deform, and it is also not good for the newborn baby in the crib. Activities affect the development of bones and muscles.

When selecting the sheets for newborn cribs, choose comprehensive products. The size should be larger than that of the crib. This can be pressed on the small side of the mattress to prevent the sheets from being easily crumpled when the newborn is active.

The pillow does not need to be used for newborns for the time being, because the neck of the newborn is relatively short. If the head is raised with a pillow, it will affect the baby's normal breathing and make the baby feel uncomfortable.

Warm Cotton Baby Quilt

Warm Cotton Baby Quilt

Here are some precautions for newborn care, I hope to help everyone.

In the neonatal period, it is best not to use plastic as a diaper to wrap the baby. Instead, use Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper. Because the baby's skin is relatively delicate, if plastic is used as a diaper, after the baby secretes sweat, it is easy to get wet, and the humid environment creates conditions for the growth and reproduction of many bacteria and molds. After the baby urinates, the urine in the plastic can easily irritate the baby's skin, diaper dermatitis occurs, and after the secondary infection, the ulcers are also prone to occur.

After the baby is born, as a parent, he usually likes to let the baby sleep between two people. In this way, it is very detrimental to the baby's health, because when people breathe, they will inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. When the baby absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, it is not good for the baby's healthy growth. Therefore, when parents are sleeping, it is better not to place the baby between two people.

When washing clothes for newborns, it is best not to use washing powder, because washing clothes is acidic. If the washing powder left on the clothes is not cleaned, it will easily stimulate the baby's skin, and the chemicals in the washing powder are absorbed by the baby Later, it may cause harm to your baby.

It is best not to wear new clothes directly on the baby. You can wear them after washing, because the new clothes may contain dyes, bleaching powder, and some harmful substances to the human body. Dress your baby before water, which may affect your baby's health.

In the bedroom where the baby sleeps, it is better not to place potted flowers, because some plant flowers and plants can produce harmful substances to the human body, which may be harmful to the health of the baby after inhalation. There are also some flowers that can cause allergenic substances, which will threaten the baby's health after being absorbed by the baby.