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How To Choose a Bib For Your Baby?

Nov. 25, 2020

As the baby grows older, he becomes more self-aware, especially when it comes to replenishing his diet. He likes to help himself when he eats. This behavior leaves many mothers feeling helpless. Baby eating is like fighting. The whole dinner table is a baby's battlefield. After eating, all the things will become dirty, mother has no choice but to clean up. At this time, Wearable Baby Bib can be a great help to mothers. The bib will help the baby cover the clothes well. Mothers need only clean simple bibs. There are no bibs of any size on the market right now. How do I choose the right bib for him? How to choose a bib? Today we are going to take you to choose a baby bib.

1. Infants aged 0-3 months

The bib chosen by the baby at this stage is the best gauze bib, because the baby at this stage is mainly breast milk or formula milk. At this point, the most common condition for babies is vomiting. Choosing a gauze bib will prevent babies from vomiting milk and soiling their clothes. Gauze will not cause eczema in babies. When choosing gauze bib for baby, need to choose pure cotton quality. Cotton gauze is breathable and comfortable, such as 100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib.

100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib

100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib

2. 4-6 months

When the baby is 4-6 months old, the baby gradually began to add complementary food, mother began to add apple puree and fruit puree in the baby's diet. Babies get their clothes dirty easily, and the juice is hard to wash. Therefore, when choosing a bib, you need to choose a silicone waterproof bib, because the silicone waterproof bib is easy to clean, not easy to wet baby's clothes; Silicone waterproof bibs are easy to clean, safe and deep. When mom is busy, you can just throw it in the dishwasher

3. Infants older than 3.6 months

When your baby is six months old, you need to choose a Waterproof Bib for your baby. In this stage, the baby gradually becomes conscious and the ability to do things gradually increases. When he sees something, he likes to take it by himself, which often makes his whole body extremely dirty

The mother needs to choose a polyester bib for her baby. Not only waterproof, but also environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Can be cleaned, whether it is oil or other stains. In addition, babies who fall into bibs at this stage like to eat. This material is safe for the environment and will not harm the baby's body. It is very suitable for babies who can already eat by themselves.