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What Are The Requirements For Baby Quilts?

Nov. 18, 2020

(1) A separate quilt

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies and their parents share different beds. You can put the children's bed closer to their parents so that they can see and touch each other. Therefore, babies should have their own Soft Cotton Baby Quilt.

Even if the baby needs to sleep in the same bed with the parent under special circumstances, he cannot use a quilt with the parent. Because the adult's quilt is too heavy for the baby, it is likely to cause high fever and hypoxia to the baby, causing danger.

(2) Size and material requirements

The size of the baby quilt is best to match the size of the crib, not too big or too small.

Moreover, the thickness of the quilt should also be appropriate, not too thick, so as not to cause the baby's body temperature to become too high, affecting the body's metabolism.

Bed sheets and quilts should be made of soft, comfortable, washable, light-colored, non-irritating, and breathable pure cotton fabrics, washed with boiling water and dried in the sun before being used by babies.

Embossed Baby Blanket

Embossed Baby Blanket

In order to change and wash, at least 2~3 quilt covers should be prepared. The cotton wadding should be mainly new soft and breathable wadding.

If the quilt or blanket has any thread off, be sure to cut off the thread to prevent your baby's hands and feet from being entangled. In addition, the baby's blanket should be a thinner Embossed Baby Blanket, which is breathable and light, so the baby will be comfortable.

(3) Sleeping bag blankets cannot be less

The baby's quilt changes with the seasons. When the weather is hot, you can prepare a small blanket for your baby. When the weather turns cold, you can cover the baby with an Autumn Baby Blanket, and another layer when the winter is cold.

In addition to quilts and blankets, sleeping bags with detachable sleeves can also be prepared for babies.

The sleeping bag with detachable sleeves can easily cope with the baby's various strange sleeping positions, and the baby does not need to worry about kicking the quilt.

The material of the sleeping bag should also be selected, soft, pure cotton, and good air permeability.