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Can Baby Quilt Be Washed In A Washing Machine?

Nov. 07, 2020

Infant quilts are a must-have for every baby born to warm the baby and give the baby a sense of security. So, can baby quilt be washed in a washing machine? Should they be washed by hand or machine? How are babies used? Below, Soft Cotton Baby Quilt Supplier come to share relevant knowledge for everyone.

At first, can a baby quilt be used in a washing machine? The answer is no, the baby is in the infant stage, the body organs and the immune system are still in the development stage, it is very vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. And if the washing machine is used for a long time and it is not cleaned in time, it will contain a lot of mites or other bacteria. When the baby is put into the washing machine and washed, it may not achieve a clean effect, but it will be infected with various bacteria. . When given to a baby, it may harm the baby and cause the baby to get sick.

Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts

Therefore, infant quilts are generally not washed in a washing machine. So how should infant quilts be cleaned?

1. Autumn Cotton Baby Quilt and other washing supplies that need to be cleaned, it is best to go to an infant and child store to buy baby-specific washing supplies, so as not to damage the baby's skin.

2. Baby quilts are better to choose hand washing. Although it will take a bit of effort, it is much cleaner than machine washing.

3. Regardless of whether the baby quilt or the Cotton Small Terry Towel is washed, it can be scalded with boiling water when washing, which helps to sterilize. After washing, you should also expose to the sun. If the sun is not enough, you can iron it with an iron, which will also sterilize.

The above is the relevant knowledge of wash Baby Quilts, I hope to help everyone.