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Baby Diaper Selection and Washing Techniques

Dec. 04, 2020

The baby's skin is very delicate when it is just born. If one is not careful, the skin will be allergic, so parents must pay attention to the choice of diapers. Good diapers can make your baby feel very comfortable and sleep more at ease. Next, the Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper manufacturer will tell you how to choose a diaper!

The choice of baby diapers:

1.Diapers are divided into paper diapers and cotton diaper

Paper diapers are much more convenient than previous cloths and can absorb more urine; cotton diapers have good air permeability and are very economical. Therefore, it is best to use Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper for children during the day, and paper diapers for babies at night or when going out. This method of use is relatively healthy for the baby, and parents can also reduce the burden.

2. The principle of diaper selection is comfort and health

The most critical issue of paper diapers is the quality. For cotton diapers, you can find some old cotton sheets and the like to make them. The fabrics are best to use lighter colors to avoid irritating the baby's skin.

3. The diaper size should be appropriate

When choosing diapers, we mainly look at the baby's development. They are divided into small, medium and large models, and they are all available in supermarkets. The diaper must be suitable for the baby's body. Generally, it is worn by the baby, and one finger can be put in the waist. The height of the diaper should not exceed the navel.

100% Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper

100% Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper

Washing tips for baby diapers:

The baby's skin is very fragile. The 100% Cotton Baby Muslin Diaper is environmentally friendly, breathable and durable, so that the baby's skin will not get wet. Parents like to use it. If you use cotton diapers, they must be cleaned:

1. The first is to use clean water to wash the diapers and wash off the feces as much as possible.

2. Dip the diaper that has gone through the first process in warm water with a baby detergent, and then wash it just like washing clothes. The washing liquid should be specially selected, and it should not be irritating to the baby's skin. If you use the same laundry detergent as the laundry at home, it is best to choose a neutral laundry detergent, or a small alkaline soap or laundry soap.

3. Add hot water and wash the diaper again, and then expose it to the sun.

4. If the diaper becomes hard, it is best not to use it. You can also use a softener, but be sure to rinse it off.