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Safety And Selection of Baby Bibs

Sep. 07, 2020

The baby bib is probably used from the baby's salivation for three months or four months, and will be used all the way, depending on your baby's personality, habits, and temper.

Because the baby is preparing to enter the complementary food and teething stage, the professional way should be: the baby’s salivary glands are becoming more and more mature, so the secretion is more and more developed, so about the baby is 4-6 months old, The baby's saliva secretion will also increase.

Because of the flood of saliva, there will be a lot of moms and dads who think that drooling like this is not good for the baby? In fact, mom and dad don’t have to worry too much! Because drooling actually has many positive effects!

1. It can clean and prevent tooth decay.

2. It is the best digestive enzyme.

3. It can also lubricate and protect the oral cavity and prevent gastric acid from irritating the esophagus and protect the digestive tract.

4. The final point is that it can assist in the development of swallowing ability.

Although drooling has so many benefits, if mom and dad don’t pay attention, the non-stop state of saliva will cause inflammation and infiltration of the skin around the baby’s lips (the so-called saliva rash) and a large amount of saliva overflowing to the folds of the neck Cause inflammation and other conditions, then parents will be advised, this is the best time for baby bibs to intervene. From this period onwards, baby bibs will be worn to protect their skin and wipe them immediately. .

100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib

100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib

The baby bib supplier will talk to you about how to choose a baby bib? Before choosing, you must know the use of baby bibs, and you should choose baby bibs suitable for your baby for different growth stages

It is recommended that parents start at the beginning of the month:

3-4months old baby: At this time, the baby's salivary glands are becoming more mature, and the secretion volume also begins to increase, as well as to deal with the baby's overflowing milk and other problems.

Mom, the bib material you may need: strong water absorption, comfortable and skin-friendly, easy to clean and quick-dry, similar to towel cloth, 100% Cotton Soft Baby Bib.

4-6 months old baby: this is the baby food supplement and teething stage, because the baby's eating will stimulate the oral salivary glands to be active; and the teething baby will bite and bite and stimulate the salivary glands to become more sensitive because of the uncomfortable gums. .

Mom, the material of the bib you may need: it needs to be water-absorbent + waterproof, it is better to have the function of a tooth holder and it is easy to be cleaned and easy to store, similar to a Wearable Baby Bib, a functional bib, with a tooth holder attached Let the baby bite at any time.

Babies from 6-12 months: The baby's food supplement has been around for some time at this time, and the baby's swallowing ability will become more and more improved as the month ages. At this time, the baby will swallow saliva naturally, so this stage is the father When Mom is out of the ship, her non-stop saliva will improve.

Mom, the bib material you may need: water-absorbent + waterproof, multifunctional, clean and easy to store, durable silicone material, easy to wear, solve the problem of feeding, cute appearance, similar to a detachable large groove bib .

Children between 12-24 months of age: have entered the independent feeding stage, the saliva is gone, the baby is promoted to a child, the development of small muscles and fine movements gradually mature, and it is easier to eat by yourself.

Mom, the material of the bib you may need: you can find a disposable bib or clean it, easy to store, light and thin, and can be folded at will for easy carrying, similar to a disposable bib.

After two years of age is the day to officially release the bib. This is the best state; if you can't be in the best state, you may still be surrounded by the bib.

Still the old saying: A bib that suits your baby is a good bib. After talking about bib selection, baby bibs also have things to pay attention to for parents:

1. When using the baby bib, remember not to strangle the baby's neck. The width of an index finger is measured when wearing it.

2. Please replace it frequently, otherwise it will cause allergic inflammation and infiltration of the skin under the baby's neck.

3. The bib has a long life. If it is damaged, please discard it and do not use it.

4. Finally, please parents under your care and sight to allow babies or children to use the bib.

Above, have you found that the little baby bib originally has so much knowledge of small details? I hope that all novice parents can learn new knowledge!