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A-List Of Daily Necessities For 0-1 Year Old Baby

Jun. 09, 2020

Ever since you have a baby, have you found that you need more supplies than expected? As small as toothbrush, tooth gel, Baby Sock With Box Packings, 6 Layer Handkerchief, large as a crib, safety chair, child seat, Bath Cotton Baby Quilt Factory, etc. And you need to pay attention everywhere, there are a lot of knowledge and details to pay attention to. However, don’t worry, Mom and Dad, Coco Mom prepared a detailed baby product selection guide for everyone today. If you find it useful, please forward it to the novice mom around you to learn. When mothers prepare clothes for their babies, they should pay attention not to buy too much for each size, but also to consider what season the baby was born, corresponding to how big the baby is in each season and prepare clothes. Secondly, treasure moms should pay attention not to superstitious brand clothes, but to pay more attention to texture and workmanship.

Girl Long Sock

Girl Long Sock


For 0-1 month old baby, Cocoa Mom recommends wearing a monk clothes, because those with buttons or headdresses are very troublesome. Even if there are old clothes of other people's babies, 0-3 months old babies, underwear can wear old clothes. Mothers, don’t have psychological barriers. This is not to save money. The key is that the baby’s skin is tender and it is more comfortable to wear old clothes.


Regarding the baby's pants from January to January, Cocoa Mom recommends not to wear them. Because it is very difficult to wear trousers for the baby in the confinement, and it is always necessary to change wet pants. However, the easiest way is to have a larger towel around your baby's waist and tie it with a cloth strap. Next, take a cloth tape to take a mouth.


If your mother intends to start using diapers throughout the month, the best option for baby clothes before the age of one is to climb the romper. Among them, the biggest benefit is to allow the baby to move freely without worrying about the baby getting cold and sick.


The preparation of baby quilts should be from thin to thick, in order of thin towel blanket, thick towel blanket, air-conditioning thin quilt, cotton wool blanket, autumn quilt, cashmere quilt. It should be reasonable to prepare two sets in each season to avoid bedwetting at night and confusion.